Specialty Camps

The following camps focus on niche areas that will attract certain types of campers who do not want to enroll in a traditional camp. These specialty camps combine the richness of Jewish camp values with more targeted activities in certain areas such as outdoor adventures, science and technology, sports, environmental sustainability and farming. The following camps are all located on the east coast.

Adamah Adventures

Location: Administered in Atlanta

Affiliation: JCC Atlanta


Adamah Adventures is a Jewish adventure summer program offering 18-day adventure treks for 7th-11th graders. Teens develop self-confidence, independence, and a sense of adventure while building a strong community focused on environmentalism, outdoor living, and the joy of Jewish life. Participants work in small groups alongside highly trained staff members to experience both the thrill and the quiet-the whitewater and the campfire-in some of the most awe inspiring places in the country. East coast treks begin and end in Atlanta.

Eden Village Camp

Location: Putnam Valley, NY

Affiliation: Independent


A new kind of camp! Eden Village Camp is the kosher organic farm to table sleepaway camp, located on 248 gorgeous acres, 50 miles north of NYC. It launched four years ago as the next generation of Jewish camp! The 3rd-11th grade campers and apprentices develop outdoor-living and leadership skills, explore a vibrant food culture and awaken a sense of meaningful Jewish identity, purpose and joy! Campers enjoy farming, outstanding organic kosher food, animal care, creative arts, wilderness adventure, natural science, herbalism, a zero-waste goal, a pool and lake, music lessons, sports, yoga, service projects, camp play and exceptional staff in a 3:1 staff:camper ratio. All of this occurs within a vibrant, kind, pluralistic Jewish community.

URJ 6 Points Sports Academy

Location: Greensboro, NC

Affiliation: Union of Reform Judaism


Located in beautiful Greensboro, NC, 6 Points Sports Academy is housed on the 100-acre athletic and camp facilities of the American Hebrew Academy. 6 Points Campers are recreational and competitive athletes, entering 4th – 11th grade, who are looking to improve their game and meet new friends while exploring their own Jewish identity through sports. During two-weeks sessions, campers participate in intensive sports training in one of the following sports: boys’ and girls’ basketball, soccer, swimming and tennis; girls’ softball, lacrosse or cheer/dance; and boys’ baseball. Campers also select two elective sports each week for cross-conditioning and recreation. Summer at 6 Points is a sports-filled, Jewish values-infused camp experience unlike any other!

URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy

Location: Byfield, MA

Affiliation: Union of Reform Judaism


Located in Boston, MA, this innovative camp will not only engage campers’ curiosity about the world through superior hands-on scientific and technological exploration, experimentation and reflection; it will immerse them in a vibrant Jewish community filled with Jewish music, Shabbat experiences and living connections to Israel. Jewish values, ethics and tradition are woven together with the spirit and excitement of open scientific inquiry.

Camp Zeke

Location: Lakewood, PA

Affiliation: Independent


Focusing on pure foods, energizing fitness activities and culinary arts, Camp Zeke, located in Lakewood, PA, is founded on the time-honored Jewish lesson that physical and spiritual well-being go hand in hand. By immersing campers in the traditional teachings of shmirat haguf (taking care of the body) and the latest developments in exercise science and nutrition, Camp Zeke will help children become healthier, fitter, happier, and more spiritually-engaged Jews.