Building Our Future: The Next Big Idea in Jewish Education and Engagement

The Farash Institute for Jewish Education is currently completing a six-month, long-range strategic planning process to identify future programs. All of these initiatives will continue to fulfill our mission of life-long Jewish learning and engagement opportunities for our community.

We have been researching the Jewish world for courageous, inclusive and innovative ideas. Our process began with a thorough Internet search to identify groundbreaking Jewish initiatives. Next, we completed phone interviews with key Jewish community leaders across the U.S. and the world to learn about educational opportunities.

We interviewed 24 local leaders who represent a wide range of involvement with Jewish life in Rochester. In addition, we conducted two, vibrant synergy sessions with 18 selected members of the Jewish community. These creative, dynamic and non-traditional thinkers were diverse in background, community involvement, and denomination. The resulting ideas were exciting, out of the box, and reflective of the diversity of Jewish life, in addition to being non-competitive with current programs.

The Farash Institute Board of Directors is in the process of evaluating all of these program ideas. We are thankful to all community members who shared ideas and took part in a process where their voices could be heard. We look forward to sharing our new program initiatives with the community in the year ahead.